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Incident Update

 Dear parishioners,

I am pleased to announce that the church will reopen today at 11:30am, that noon Mass will occur, and Adoration will resume immediately following Mass. Let us all join in thanksgiving for our police, for healing of those who suffer from mental illness and addiction, the clean up crew and all the others who were able to get the sanctuary usable in short order. Join me and Fr. David today in prayers for peace and swift restoration of our beloved church. 

In Christ,

Fr. Paul Beach


Incident at the Church


Dear Parishioners,


I regret to inform you of an incident that occurred in the church late in the evening of Sunday, October 25th. A man who appeared to be experiencing the effects of drug intoxication entered the sanctuary of the church and, before being subdued, did considerable damage to the main altar. I want to commend our security guard David, who was on duty that evening, for his outstanding response and prompt action. The police responded quickly and in sufficient numbers to subdue this individual without further harm being done. I am grateful for their commendable call to duty. While a considerable amount of damage was done to the main altar very quickly, it is certain that things would have been worse if all concerned had not handled the situation as professionally as they did. I am glad to report that the tabernacle was not disturbed and the reliquaries of our beloved saints are completely intact. 


The first thing I ask of you is to pray for this poor soul who committed these acts, who is so obviously troubled. He is currently in police custody and will be prosecuted for his crimes. In Christian charity we ought to pray for him. 


In the end, there is nothing harmed that cannot be repaired or replaced. This will take time, however. I have been in touch with Archbishop Kurtz, as well as our insurance agent, and we will be working closely together to restore everything to normal as quickly as possible. We take great pride in the fact that our church is open 24-7 as a place of peace and prayer in a world that certainly seems to need them more and more. While these events are certainly regrettable, know that we continue to take all prudent and reasonable precautions to avoid such situations, and our commitment to being a haven of peaceful prayer is undiminished. 


Entrusting us all to the intercession of our patron St. Martin, and to St.s Magnus & Bonosa, I remain,


Sincerely in Christ,


Fr. Paul Beach


Deacon Bob

We have a book in the back of church for all who wish to write their appreciation for the many years Deacon Bob has served the people of St. Martin of Tours. As many of you know, Deacon Bob has recently retired from ministry. Don't let this opportunity pass without bidding Bob a fond farewell.




R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) will take place this year, but class size will be limited. If you or someone you know wants to enter the Catholic Church, and is age 18 or older, contact the parish office at 502-582-2827. The deadline for registration is Friday, September 4.




We have a new deacon here at St. Martin of Tours, Deacon Scott Hedges!

Scott T. Hedges, M.D. and his wife Beth have been married for 29 years.  They have two sons.

Dr. Hedges is the Chief Medical Officer with Seven Counties Services, Inc., the regional mental health center for Louisville, Kentucky and surrounding counties.  He is also Clinical Faculty with the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at his alma mater, the University of Louisville, School of Medicine, and a consulting psychiatrist for St. Luke’s Center, Louisville office.  Dr. Hedges also serves as a consultant with the Tribunal for the Archdiocese of Louisville.  Mrs. Hedges is Social Worker and has spent most of her career devoted to issues around homelessness and housing equity, especially for women and families at risk.

Since becoming Catholic 8 years ago, Dr. Hedges has attended St. Martin of Tours Church, where he served as an acolyte, Master of Ceremonies for the Latin Mass, and on the Parish Council.  In addition, he has made his permanent promises as a Secular Carmelite with the Holy Spirit Community of Discalced Carmelites.  Early in his career, Dr. Hedges did medical mission work in Nigeria, working in the hospital in Ogbomosho, Nigeria.

Mrs. Hedges is a member of Highland Baptist Church, where she plays in the Adult Handbell Choir and Church Orchestra, assists with the Children’s Handbell Choir, and leads fourth and fifth grade Bible Study.

Welcome to both Scott & Beth! We hope your time here is blessed.

Deacon Bob has retired from ministry. We would like to extend our gratitude for all the love and care he has given to all of us here at St. Martin.


Feast of St. Magnus


The feast of St. Magnus will be celebrated this Sunday, August 16th at all liturgies.


Hello, all! 
I am still collecting cards from our families to send to the residents at Wesley Manor, who are still "quarantined"/self-isolating due to the virus. I know these cards would do a lot to cheer them up during this difficult time! 
I have received a few cards from a couple families, but I need a LOT MORE!
Please drop them off at the office this week, or with our amazing security guard, Melissa, this Sunday, and make sure and put my name on the envelope so that she knows to give them to me! 
P.S. Adults may also participate if they feel so inclined! I ordered a set of lovely cards from Magnolia Market with hymn verses printed on them just for this purpose. 

Many thanks!

New Liturgy Schedule and Safety Guidelines

Here is our new liturgy schedule beginning May 20th.